We are now only a few days away from the European Parliament elections. It is a key moment for Europe, one that will shape the EU for many years to come.

Many of the founding fathers of the European Union were committed Catholics who strongly believed in the dignity of every human being. While not perfect, the EU still manages today to unite countries that might otherwise see themselves as competitors, if not enemies. Attempts to loosen the mechanisms which bind European countries together risk tearing us apart, with consequences which are too terrifying to contemplate.

In fact, on many levels, Europe is at a crossroads. Whether it is climate change or the falling trust in institutions, demographic changes or wars on our doorstep, the decisions taken now will either condemn us to a future of fear and violence, or else help us build a continent which rests on the solid foundations of respect for the dignity of all, solidarity, the common good and care for our common home.

In this document, the Justice and Peace Commission presents a few of these crucial issues faced by Europe today. More than ever, we are called to reflect on the kind of Europe we want, with realism but also in light of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.