On the 27th of April, from 09:00 till 12:30, the Justice and Peace Commission and the Malta Catholic Youth Network is organising a half-day seminar called “A society transformed: Malta in the past 70 years”.

The aim of this seminar is to explore the deep and radical transformation which Malta has witnessed over the decades. It might be argued that the present-day economy, urban landscape, standard of living and demographic makeup of these islands bear little to no resemblance to the Maltese reality in the immediate post-war period.

Other changes are perhaps, less measurable. That does not mean they are less consequential. More concretely, during the seminar we wish to discuss the following three changes which have far-reaching consequences on the way we understand ourselves and the way we live together:

  • In an increasingly secularised Malta, how has the role of the Church vis-à-vis the State and society at large changed when compared to seventy to eighty years ago?
  • Have political parties lost some of their relative weight and importance in Maltese society over the years? Are they adapting in any way to this new role?
  • How have the ideals and values embraced by a plurality of people living in Malta evolved over the years? And what impact is this change of ideals and values having on our wellbeing? 

This seminar, to be held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana, is being organised as part of the HopeGen programme but is open to all those interested in attending.

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