In a year which was sadly marked by the return of war on European soil and daily reports of deadly injustices and senseless violence, the need to denounce situations of violent injustice, whilst proposing creative pathways which lead to more just and reconciled communities, has never been so urgently felt.

In this context, as a Commission, we make ours the words of the Holy Father who, whilst in Malta, highlighted the need to shore up the foundations of life in society, namely honesty, justice, a sense of duty and transparency. Indeed, the seedlings of peace and justice are extraordinarily fragile. Even on a local level, the forces which tear us apart from each other, all too often seem to have the final say.

And yet, as Pope Francis never ceases to remind us, “either we are brothers and sisters, or everything falls apart”. This awareness, coupled with the desire to share with all people of goodwill the treasures of Catholic Social Teaching, is what drove us to implement the various initiatives you can read about in this 2022 annual report. As for the year ahead, we can only promise you that we will continue carrying out the mission of promoting God’s “kingdom of justice, love and peace” with renewed determination, hope and enthusiasm.