Based on Pope Francis’ visit to Malta in 2022 and supported by the Vicariate for Evangelisation and Justice & Peace – Malta, began as a podcast with various people active in Maltese society, to discuss the kind of society we are hoping to build together.

To wrap up the first season of the project, a public dialogue was held on the 1st of June at Suq tal-Belt. Members of the public were invited to join in the conversations and discuss topics including migration, sustainable development, cultural heritage, governance, economic systems, and the church in Malta.

Those attending this event appreciated the opportunity created by to discuss some of the great challenges we are facing as a society. They underlined the importance of coming up with creative and daring ways of moving forward and reimagining a society which is undergoing extremely rapid changes. In the context of widespread disgruntlement and cynicism, keeping the flame of hope alive was singled out as an extremely challenging task, which requires the contribution of all people of good will.

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